Taking that next step.

Today is my last day at MGA Communications.

That’s right. I’m leaving the job I’ve known for the last 3.5 years and diving into the unknown – a land filled with no time sheets, a great corporate culture and about 33,989 more faces in the sea of employees.

I’ve accepted a position at DaVita – a Fortune 500 healthcare company specializing in kidney care. I’m joining their corporate communications department on Monday.

This change is scary and exciting at the same time, but I’m no stranger to setting out on new adventures. When I joined MGA, I had never written a press release and I sure as heck didn’t know one thing about oil and gas operations or NEPA processes or superfund cleanup sites. I was a recent marketing grad from Arkansas who had aspirations of fashion school, and while the opportunity to join MGA kind of fell into my lap, I am grateful for everything I learned and the fantastic (and smart!) people I had the pleasure of working with.

My experience at MGA, if anything, has been extremely diverse. I’m so happy to have been a part of fun office videos, big client wins, several awards, awesome events, employee volunteer days, and more.

I’m most thankful for the constant opportunities to do the kind of work I truly wanted to do. Along the way, I realized that I really had a passion for social media. MGA recognized that and let me jump in head first to continue learning everything I possibly could, train other MGAers on tools, build strategic social media plans, talk with numerous clients and potential clients about the importance and benefits of building their online presence – in a strategic way. Without that opportunity, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

All of my experience at MGA has prepared me for this next step. One of my main roles at DaVita will be to design and execute a strategic social media program. The company is really carving out its reputation by already doing cool things in the online space, and I’m looking forward to what we will build.

The company moved their corporate offices to Denver from Los Angeles last year, and I’m one of the first three communications employees to work out of their new Denver office (over half of the team is still in the LA office). I’ll still be working downtown and with my new schedule of 8-5 Monday – Friday, I am excited to actually make it to happy hour (at MGA, we get out at 6PM, but we have half-day Fridays).

Going from a small agency to a large corporation is bound to bring many changes, but I’m welcoming this new experience and all of the challenges it will bring. If you have advice to share for this kind of transition, please do!

Here’s to new beginnings.

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  1. The Redhead

    Congrats, Miss Pelz! Wooooooo!

  2. Ginger Pelz

    Thanks, lady!

  3. Brandy Radey

    Best of luck, Ginger! New frontiers are always exciting!

  4. Ginger Pelz

    It is exciting! It's been a while since I've had a big change like this, and
    I'm looking forward to something new and different. Thanks!

  5. Zach Knaus

    Who are those two amazingly handsome guys on that ladder? Good luck in your future endeavors. Don't forget us little people.

  6. Ginger Pelz

    Hah, I thought you would appreciate that pic, Knaus. :)

  7. randyblauvelt

    Good luck Ginger!

  8. Ginger Pelz

    Thank you! :)

  9. Alli

    So you're moving to the village, eh? I have a friend who worked there–she said they have a very supportive environment. And I've looked at some of the things they're doing in their online network before. Very cool stuff. Have fun! They're lucky to have you.

  10. Ginger Pelz

    Yes! The Village – I love that you know that. :) I'm glad to be hearing good
    things about the company from friends… it's comforting. Thanks for your
    note – you're too sweet!

  11. Cali Harris

    Lady, you inspire me. I am beyond happy for you!!! You've worked so hard to self-teach, connect with people and to try new things; you are so deserving of a shiny new jobby. ^_^ I can't wait to follow along as you embark on this new adventure.

  12. Ginger Pelz

    Miss Cali, you are the best. The thing is *you* inspire *me* in so many ways. You have really given me confidence to do so many things… I appreciate you more than you possibly know. So great seeing you last night. Let's get together again very soon.

  13. Cali Harris

    Shucks! That means a lot. Love you, honey! :)

  14. Jason Sosa


  15. timbrauhn

    Congratulations, Ginger! I'm sure you'll do good work for a good org. Don't forget the little people. Or something. :)

  16. Ginger Pelz

    Thanks, Jason!

  17. Ginger Pelz

    Oh, Tim Brauhn. Thank you, however, I could never forget you – or the
    mosquito costume. I'm sure you are still doing amazing things in
    California… hope to see you soon!

  18. ryanstephens

    As someone who's also recently left his first gig out of school, all I can say is congrats and please keep us up to date on your experiences (both good and bad) as you continue to make this transition. We all have a lot to learn from one another, and I think the fact that you stayed MGA speaks volumes about your loyalty and distinguishes you from many of the “Gen Y” job hoppers out there. Kudos to you and best of luck moving forward!

  19. Ginger Pelz

    Thanks so much for the awesome comment, Ryan. I'll look forward to hear how things are shaping up for you, as well! I hadn't really thought too much about the Gen Y job hopper stuff, but you are completely right. I think there's a balance between “wanting” to job hop, and wanting to gain those few extra years of experience – I'm glad I went with the latter. Good luck to you as well!

  20. Kath1213

    Please to blog, Miss Ginger?? :-)

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