Current Music Obsession: One eskimO

I’ve come to the realization that my life is like a soundtrack. I listen to one artist or set of songs on repeat – incessantly – until eventually I stop. The change is usually brought about by small adjustments – a change in the seasons, change in life events, an upcoming or past trip, a good conversation or until I eventually grow tired of it (a rare occasion).

With this realization, I decided to start a new blog series: Current Music Obsession. Each time I realize that I’ve taken up a new music obsession, I’ll blog about it and share here on my site.


Back in August, I went to the Mile High Music Festival. Before going, I didn’t do much research at all – I just wanted to see a lot of bands that I’ve never heard before or seen play live. I did, however, learn from friends that I just had to check out One eskimO. My friend Raquel and I made sure we had a decent spot when they played their set, but I was even more excited to see them perform later in the day… basically just to me. Okay, me and like ten others.

Anyway, the festival had a small tent where smaller acts throughout the day played an acoustic set for about a half hour each. I was lucky to see several acts play in the tent including One eskimO, Amos Lee, The Constellations and Joe Purdy. It literally felt like my own personal concert.

During the small set, I learned these guys were from the UK, they were all super cute, and I realized I really like the band’s mellow, but soulful sound. Here are a few pictures I took at that acoustic session I was lucky enough to see.


This obsession has been hard-core the last two weeks. I literally can’t stop listening to this band. Since they only have one album, it may end sooner than later – just depends on if I wear it out too soon. Either way, I think these guys will be around for a while and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for them.


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What’s YOUR current music obsession?

Comments (7)

  1. rebecca

    Agreed.. One eskimO rules. I saw them open for Gomez at the Ogden and caught them again at MHMF. Good stuff! Keep enjoying.

  2. Ginger Pelz

    Apparently I'm a little late to the game on this one, but happy to have

    found them nonetheless :) Seems everyone has already seen them! Seriously

    looking forward to more from them already.

  3. jim

    My current obsession: The Lou Monte channel on Pandora. Trust me.

  4. Ginger Pelz

    You are a dork.

  5. K.

    everyone in the States maybe… Europe's waiting ;-)

    hooked at the moment on MamasGun's mashup of Acapella
    and Yoav

  6. K.

    forgot this one…

    broken bells

  7. Ginger Pelz

    This is amazing, thanks for sharing!

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