Shoes. I love shoes.

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I have a problem with shoes. Not just any shoes… I like eye-catching shoes. Bold colors, lots of detail, and tall, tall, tall.

After perusing ModCloth, one of my favorite sites for vintage-inspired clothes, I quickly became obsessed with school girl wedges. I need like five pairs.

Commence drooling.

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  1. SRasmussen

    I like the first two. Middle one is my favorite of the three. I haven't gotten on board 100% with the whole open-toe boot(ie) phenomenon (it's like taco pizza – doesn't work. Eat tacos or eat pizza. But don't eat them together). The bottom one is a bit much. Maybe because I'm already 5'10″, extra platforms make me feel like a tall, knock-kneed, wobbly kid. I think *you* would look fabulous in them. :)

    Do you have a shoe closet yet? I do. Yes, a whole closet. With shoes. And bags. And a few scarves. But mostly shoes. I love shoes.

  2. Ginger Pelz

    Unfortunately, I don't yet have a shoe closet – when I had my studio apartment I had a small coat closet dedicated to shoes, now I just have a whole side of my closet… well, and part of my coat closet, dedicated to shoes. I am pretty jealous of your setup, but having worked with you for a few years and *never* seeing you repeat an outfit makes me not all that surprised :)

    I love the first two as well – particularly the black ones. I think it's the tassels that do it for me. The last ones don't look that cute in the photo, but when you go to the site and see the picture of the girl wearing them, you have to have them.

  3. SRasmussen

    Let me know when you get them, and post photos. :)

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