Specs: New home try-on service from Cynthia Rowley

I’ll admit it. I have a glasses problem. I’m a firm believer that if you have to wear them, you may as well make them stylish, and you may as well have a variety to choose from on any given day. I’ve been wearing glasses since about my junior year in high school and I can easily identify when my preference for “fun” glasses began. It was when I got my first pair of Cynthia Rowley frames. They were slightly cat-eyed, and two toned – cream on top, black on bottom. I still update the prescription in the lenses and wear them to this day.

My first pair of Cynthia Rowley frames.

My first pair of Cynthia Rowley frames.

Now you can imagine why I was so excited to find out that Cynthia Rowley’s eyewear lines, Rowley Eyewear (women) and Mr. Powers Eyewear (men), has started an at-home try-on service a la Warby Parker, Rivet and Sway, etc.  I’m a big fan of this concept and have to admit I have three pairs of Warby Parker glasses (oops). Rowley Eyewear’s selection is more limited than Warby Parker at the moment, but you better believe I picked out my four-frame allotment almost immediately. I mean, it’s Cynthia Rowley.

How work

  1. Select four frames (from both optical and sunglasses selections) from the website.
  2. Wait patiently until the frames arrive in the mail, where they will be tucked tightly into a tube.
  3. You then have seven days to try on the frames and choose whether or not you want to order any of them.
  4. Once you’re ready, make sure you either have your written prescription from your eye doctor handy, or at least his or her phone number. They can contact your optometrist to get your prescription information if needed.

Below are the ones I tried on at home.


The frames cost $129 for optical and $99 for prescription sunglasses.

While I liked each of these frames, none of them worked on me like I had hoped. That being said, I didn’t end up ordering any of these frames, but I will be keeping an eye out for new collections from Rowley Eyewear.

Where do you like to order glasses from online?


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