The perfect {gray} storm

According to my Instagram account, it was 14 weeks ago that THIS happened.


After which I promptly booked an appointment with my colorist and darkened my hair well beyond my natural mousy-brown in an effort to hide all traces of aging. See below.


Fast forward a few weeks: Yesterday I had an eye appointment in which the doctor told me I had a condition that is “brought on by age.”

Today, I was greeted in the bathroom mirror by approximately five shiny white hairs on my head. And those bad boys are thick and wiry. While I only have about an inch of growth from my last coloring, these roots are totally white and glistening, and totally waving a big “eff you” at me. You better believe that I yanked those suckers out; I couldn’t handle them staring back at me.

I’ve been told that a gal’s thirties are supposed to be some of the best years of her life. However, it will be a challenge watching our bodies change. Things start to sag, hairs turn gray (or white in my case), skin gets spotty and wrinkled (what gives?!), eyesight goes, you develop weird “conditions” and yet we are supposed to enjoy these “best years” of our lives.

I have to say that I have high hopes for all the other stuff to come in this decade. It better make these white hairs worth it.

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