1000 Facts on Modern History by John Farndon

By John Farndon

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11(! IoIISCj of York 011(! LOIl(oslcr. Hcnry \111 IVCI! FllzolJCII/ of York, Ilc coIIIIJlIICI/ II/(, 111'010 IIwkc Illc Tilt/or I"OSC. 1000 Facts on Modern History ••••••••••••••••• • Henry VI was brought back for seven months before Edward's Yorkists defeated the Lancastrians at Barnet and Tewkesbury. Henry VI was murdered. • When Edward IV died in 1483, his son Edward V was still a boy. When young, Edward and his brother vanished probably murdered in the Tower of London - and their uncle Richard II] seized the throne.

Inca builders cut and fitted huge stones with astonishing precision to create massive buildings. • The royal palace had a garden full of life-like corn stalks, animals and birds made of solid gold. FASCINATING FACT The Inca capital was called Cuzco, which means 'navel' because it was the centre of their world. Christopher Columbus ~ The venutiful sllOres of the Bnhnll/(/s lvere provnvly Ihose first spot/erf vy Colulllvus all his voynge westwnrrf. 58 • Christopher Columbus ( 14511596) was the Genoese sailor who crossed the Atlantic and 'discovered' North and South America for Europe.

LOII. 65 Henry VIII • • • •• • •• • • • • •• • • • Henry VIII ( 1491-1547) was the Tudor king of England who separated the Church in England from Rome, and who married six wives, beheading two of them . • Henry's wives: Catherine of Aragon ( 1509-33, divorced); Anne Boleyn (1533-36, beheaded); Jane Seymour (1536-38, died); Anne of Cleves (1540, annulled); Catherine Howard ( 1540-42, beheaded); and Catherine Parr (1543-47) . • When Henry VIII became king at 18, in 1509, he was handsome and athletic, spoke several languages, played the lute well and was keen on new 'humanist' ideas.

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