2007 California mechanical code : California Code of by California Building Standards Commission.; International

By California Building Standards Commission.; International Conference of Building Officials.; International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

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California Building Standards Code, Title 24, Parts 2,3, 4, 5, 9, 10 and 12. NOTATION Authority: Health and Safety Code Sections127010, 127015, 1275 and 129850. Reference: Health and Safety Code Sections 19958,127010, 127015, 129680, 1275 and 129675 through 130070. 2 OSHPD 2. Specific scope of application of the agency responsible for enforcement, enforcement agency, speCifiC authority to adopt and enforce such provisions of this code, unless otherwise stated. OSHPD2 Application - Skilled nursing facilities and intermediatecare facilities, including distinct part skilled nursing and intermediate-care services on ageneral acute-care or acute psychiatric hospital license, provided either in a separate unit or a freestanding building.

9] CHIMNEY - A vertical shaft enclosing one or more flues for conveying flue gases to the outside atmosphere. Factory-Built Chimney - A listed chimney. ;.. A chimney of solid masonry units, bricks, stones, listed masonry units, or reinforced concrete, lined with suitable flue liners. 23 mm) (No. 10 manufacturer's standard gauge) steel sheet. CHIMNEY CLASSIFICATIONS: Chimney, Residential Appliance-Type - A factory-built or masonry chimney suitable for removing products of combustion from residential-type appliances producing combustion gases not in excess of 1,000°F (538°C), measured at the appliance flue outlet.

2 Movable walls and partitions. Plans or diagrams shall be submitted to the enforcing agency for approval before the installation of, or rearrangement of, any movable wall or partition in any occupancy. Approval shall be granted only if there is no increase in the fire hazard. 3 New construction high-rise bUildings. 1. 2. Complete plans or specifications, or both, shall be prepared covering all work required to comply with new construction high-rise buildings. Such plans and specifications shall be submitted to the enforcing agency having jurisdiction.

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