Thirty One Hymns to the Star Goddess by Frater Achad

By Frater Achad

This paintings comprises thirty-one hymns to the big name Goddess who's no longer. The quotations attributed to the superstar Goddess during this quantity are from Liber Al vel Legis Sub Figura CCXX as introduced through LXXVIII unto DCLXVI.

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Beneath, above, around me art Thou. And lo, from a falling star I became as a comet wheeling in infinite Circles, each at a different angle, till my course traced out the Infinite Sphere that is the Symbol of Thee, O Beloved. Then did I aspire to find the Centre of All. And even now I am falling, falling, falling. 29 I am a Fool, O Beloved, and therefore am I One or Nought as the fancy takes me. Now am I come to Justice, so that I may be All or Naught accord- , Justice ing to the direction of vision.

Falling, falling, falling! Thus fall the Rays from Thy Body of Stars upon this tiny planet, O Beloved! Innumerable streams of Light , like Star-rain upon the black earth. The Falling Since every man and every woman is a star, their lives are like Star unto streams of light concentrated upon every point in Space. As I lay with arms out-stretched, my bare body shining like ivory in the darkness. my scarlet abbai flung wide, mine eyes fixed upon the star-lit Heaven; I felt that I, too, was falling, falling, falling, in an ecstasy of fear and love into the void abyss of space.

O Lady Nuit, let me not confound the space-marks! ” Thus left I Time and Space and Circumstance, and every Star became as an atom in my Body, when it became Thy Body. Now never shall I be known, for it is I that go. But Thou, O Beloved, though Thou art infinitely Great, art Thou not energized by the Invisible Point – the Infinitely Small? A Million Eternities are Present, Deem not of Change; This is the Here and Now, and I am NOT , 31 Key entry by Fr. Nachash, Uraeus-Hadit Camp, OTO, 1991 Adobe Acrobat version designed by Benjamin Rowe.

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