A Day in the Life of a Teacher by Heather Adamson

By Heather Adamson

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Pages 22-23: Cracking Secret Codes: MATH IS USED TO FIGHT CRIMES. ) Pages 24-25: Fingerprints: 1. 7 times. 2. whorl pattern. 3. arch pattern. : 1. 2002. 2. 6,000 fewer. 3. 3,000. 29 Glossary accurate—Correct. area—The number of square units needed to cover a surface. authentic—Not fake. calculate—To figure out the exact answer to a problem. cast—An impression formed by pressing soft material over or inside something and letting it harden. cryptographer—Someone who breaks or creates codes. difference—The amount by which one number is greater than another number.

Cryptographer—Someone who breaks or creates codes. difference—The amount by which one number is greater than another number. digitally scan—To take a picture of something that goes directly into a computer. estimate—To figure out about how many or how much. forged—Fake; a forged painting is an illegal copy of a valuable original painting or a painting done in the style of a famous artist to make people think it was created by the famous artist. 30 graffiti—Words or drawings that are written or painted without permission on walls or other surfaces in public places.

Shoeprint 2: Suspect A. Shoeprint 3: Suspect B. Shoeprint 4: Suspect C. Pages 12-13: Evidence in Writing: 1. Credit card forgery (67). 2. 7 (19 – 12 = 7). 3. 86 (67 + 19 = 86). : Driver A traveled 70 miles (125 – 55 = 70); Driver B traveled 54 miles (91 – 37 = 54); Driver C traveled 49 miles (65 – 16 = 49); Driver D traveled 60 miles (109 – 49 = 60). Drivers A and D were speeding. They traveled more than 55 miles in one hour. Drivers B and C were not speeding. 00 = $75,000). Maplewood spends the most.

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