A Further Record: Extracts from Meetings 1928-1945 by P. D. Ouspensky

By P. D. Ouspensky

Our version is a brand new layout; huge paperback a hundred and sixty x 230 mm, revealed on off-white caliber paper. textual content is identical surroundings and web page numbering as unique variation. within the comparable layout we released additionally A checklist OF conferences.

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These principles of which I speak now must be understood from quite different sides. During the years when we have studied the general structure of the universe on a large scale, and man, we made very useful realizations; now we must find all these realizations which we made before. I mentioned 48 laws, man­ machine, influences A, B and C, and there are many other ideas which you must think of for yourselves, and find which ideas connect us with this question of our position in the midst of external things.

Until now, with the help of the work, we were able to define good and evil in relation to ourselves; now we must come out of our shell and try to look round ourselves, using the same methods and the same principles. If we use one type of principles for ourselves and another type of principles for external things, then certainly we will be in an impossible position, we shall never get anything out of it. Q. Is it possible then to use the same methods for ourselves and outside events? MR. O. Certainly, the same p rinciples.

As a matter of fact, this is interesting as observation, because many people, not necessarily only those in the work, live only on objections; they only think themselves clever when they find an objection to something. When they don't find any objection, they don't feel themselves to be working, or thinking or anything. Q. I remember hearing you speak about right attitudes as a weapon against negative emotions. Did you mean negative or positive, accepting or rejecting? MR. O. It is not a question of rejecting, it is a question of understanding.

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