A Message of Hope by J.D. Penca

By J.D. Penca

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Within 7 months, I was promoted to a sales manager position with 15 representatives reporting to me. I ended up going through the bankruptcy process to get a fresh start and that took off the burden of the financial struggle we went through. Life became much easier as I was now working a regular job and had less stress because I no longer had to worry about my business. I focused on spending more time with my children and loved watching them grow up. I ended up working for the cable television company for 3 years but my marriage still suffered.

I was so amazed that God had chosen me that I started crying so hard I could barely see the road. I remember looking in my rearview mirror at myself and my eyes looked like they had changed from green to a deep blue. The tears rolled down my face as I have never cried this hard before and overcome with such emotion that God had chosen me. I thought I was losing my mind, but was quickly reassured that everything was going to be just fine. God told me that he had chosen me to be his messenger to the world and that he was giving me a gift.

I do briefly remember them doing a CAT scan on my brain and was told later that they were concerned that I might have a tumor. However, I passed and the remainder of the next 48 hours is very unclear. I had been involuntarily admitted to the psychtriatic ward in the Mercy hospital. This was very difficult because I did not think I was crazy, just misunderstood. I tried to reason with the doctors and nurses; I tried to let them know that I was fine and just needed to sleep some. I will spare you as a reader some of the details but getting strapped to a bed for injections was not my idea as summer vacation.

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