A Pictorial Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Sálim Ali

By Sálim Ali

For ornithologists, ordinary historical past fans, environmentalists, and beginner birdwatchers, this revised version of a 1983 publication is key because the in simple terms single-volume consultant to be had of birds in India. in contrast to related books, which purely conceal one area or even then just a small component to species of their sector, this quantity contains the entire chook species present in the Indian subcontinent, proven in over a hundred colour plates from famous American fowl painter John Henry Dick. The plates were prepared by means of family members in systematic order, and the writer offers concise details referring to prestige, dimension, habitat, and distribution.

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Wings and (ail strong. Sexes alike or nearly so. Food, all types of plant and animal matter. Most species bold, and aggressive. Some species show a highly developed mentality and have a complex social organisation. Nesl generally bulky, open, made of twigs. Eggs, 3-6. 1020. 1022. 1023. 1024. JAY Garrrrlirs glandarirts BLACKTHROATED JAY Garrrrlrrs lanceolafrrs GREEN MAGPIE C i s . ~ achinensis CEYLON MAGPIE Cissa ornara Plate 70(2) 70( 1) 700) Plate 1025. YELLOWBILLED BLUE MAGPIE Cissa flavirosfris 70(6) 1027.

Restless, active arboreal birds. In some species bob sexes dull-coloured; in others male bright plumaged. Bill shortish, thin and curved or stout. Legs short. Wings long; tail short. Constantly flit among tree-tops, uttering sharp call notes. Food, insects, nectar and berries particularly mistletoe. Some species important flower pollinators. Nest, normally purse-shaped, of soft fibres etc. pendant from a branch. Eggs, 1-5. 1892. 1895. 1896. 1897. 11198. 1899. 1902. 1904. 1905. THICKBILLED FLOWERPECKER Dicaeum agile YELLOWVENTED FLOWERPECKER Dicaeurn chrysorrherrm YELLOWBELLED FLOWERPECKER Dicaeurn nwlanoxanthrrm LEGGE'S FLOWERPECKER Dicaeum vincens ORANGEBELLIED FLOWERPECKER Dicaerrm rrigonosfigma TICKELL'S FLOWERPECKER Dicaertrn eryrhrorhynchos PLAINCOLOURED FLOWERPECKER Dicae~cmconcolor SCARLETBACKEDFLOWERPECKER Dicaerrtn cruentatum FTREBREASTED FLOWERPECKER'Dicaerrm ignipec~us Plate 98( 1) 98(5) 9863 98(6) 98(7) 980) 98(4) 98(10) 98(8) Family NECTANNIIDAE: Sunbirds.

Nesl unlined holes in tree trunks and branches. Eggs, 2-6 or 8. WRYNECK Jyru torquilla SPECKLED PICULET Picumnus innominatus RUFOUS PICULET Sasia ochracea RUFOUS WOODPECKER Micropternus brachyurus SCALYBELLIED GREEN WOODPECKER Picus squamatus LITTLE SCALYBELLIEDGREEN WOODPECKER Piclrs myrmecophoneus BLACKNAPED GREEN WOODPECKER Picus canus LARGE YELLOWNAPED WOODPECKER PicusfZavinucha SMALL YELLOWNAPED WOODPECKER Picus chlorolophus Ssp. chlorigaster of 815 LESSER GOLDENBACKED WOODPECKER Dinopium benghalense Ssp.

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