A Proverb in Mind : The Cognitive Science of Proverbial Wit by Richard P. Honeck

By Richard P. Honeck

SEE brief BLURB FOR trade COPY... a fancy, fascinating, and demanding verbal entity, the proverb has been the topic of an unlimited variety of reviews, reviews, and analyses. to house the various attainable audiences, this quantity outlines seven perspectives of the proverb -- own, formal, spiritual, literary, functional, cultural, and cognitive. as the author's aim is to supply a systematic knowing of proverb comprehension and construction, he attracts principally on scholarship stemming from the formal, cultural, and cognitive perspectives. the single e-book approximately proverbs that's written from the point of view of cognitive technology, cognitive psychology, and experimentalism, this article offers a bigger, extra interdisciplinary viewpoint at the proverb. It additionally supplies a theoretically extra built-in method of proverb cognition. The conceptual base idea of proverb comprehension is prolonged through the "cognitive beliefs speculation" in order that the speculation now addresses concerns concerning the production, construction, and pragmatics of proverbs. This speculation additionally has powerful implications for a taxonomy of proverbs, proverb comprehension, common vs. culture-specific features of proverbs, and a few structural features of proverbs. more often than not, the e-book extends the problem of proverb cognition by utilizing a lot of what cognitive technological know-how has to supply. In so doing, the proverb is in comparison to other kinds of figurative language, that is then mentioned in the higher rubric of intelligence and the inclination for utilizing oblique modes of communique. baby developmental and mind substrates also are mentioned.

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