A Skeptical Layman’s Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming by Warren Meyer

By Warren Meyer

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One wonders why the movie, with glacial retreats around the world that are provably due to warming, would focus on one that is probably not due to warming. • Greenland: Greenland has a lot of ice, and there is not much doubt that if it all melted, the oceans would rise a lot. However, we know that in the middle ages, Greenland was much warmer and had less extensive ice coverage (thus the name Greenland and the successful attempt to farm it for over a century) While there is a lot of discussion about whether the Medieval Warm Period extended worldwide, most accept that it did cover the North Atlantic, including Greenland.

In global warming models, water vapor plays a key role as both a positive and a negative feedback loop to climate change. Water vapor is a far more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2, so its potential strength as a feedback mechanism is high. Water comes into play because CO2 driven warming will put more water vapor in the atmosphere, because greater heat will vaporize more water. If this extra vapor shows up as more humid clear air, then this in turn will cause more warming as the extra water vapor absorbs more energy and accelerates warming.

These assessments have also not communicated the inability of the models to accurately forecast the spread of possibilities of future climate. The forecasts, therefore, do not provide any skill in quantifying the impact of different mitigation strategies on the actual climate response that would occur. 0 Warren Meyer Chapter 7: The effects of global warming There is no area in global warming discussions where AGW advocates have done more to shoot down their own credibility than in the absolutely egregious science and absurd claims that have been made about the potential negative effects of global warming.

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