Advaita Vedanta : A Philosophical Reconstruction by Eliot Deutsch

By Eliot Deutsch

An advent to different structures of classical Indian suggestion comparable to Professor Deutsch presents.

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Consciousness, to the individual and Brahman. The identity is obtained by stripping away the incompatible or contradictory elements of the "that" and "thou" and thereby arriving at their common elements or basis. ,,~~""""'·-·'-"'-·¥~"" Sarhkara, Commentary on Katha upani$ad, II, 2, 12. Kena Upani$ad, I, 3. Mut;ef,aka Upani$ad, III, 1, 7. Sarhkara, Brahmasutrabha$ya, II, 3, 7. Chanaogya Upani$ad, VI, Sff. THE SELF 49 the term "that" as a transcendent reality, then clearly an identity between them is meaningless; by definition they are two different things.

Advaita does not so much explain the self as it describes the process by which we come to believe that it exists. In short, the Advaitic analysis of the empirical or qualified self is concerned to answer this question: By what process of mis-identification do we form the belief in the reality of what is in fact an illusory appearance ? The first domain of our self-awareness, according to Advaita, is that of our being awake in relation to a world of external objects. We take ourselves as "I" or "me" so far as we are aware of things, events, and processes.

When therefore we ask whether belief in karma does not result in fatalism, all that we mean is whether it does or does not preclude self-determination. , 1949), p. 47. Hiriyanna then goes on to note the manner in which transmigration is involved in the karma doctrine. "Since, however, these causes cannot all be found within the narrow limits of a single life, it [the doctrine] postulates the theory of sa~hsara or the continued existence of the self (jiva) in a succession of 67 There is perhaps no other basic doctrine in Indian philosophy which has had such a hold upon the popular thinking and practical religion of India4 and which, in spite of Plato's Republic and Phaedo, has met with as much resistance among Western philosophers, as the doctrine of karma.

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