Aerodynamics by N.A.V. Piercy

By N.A.V. Piercy

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63) u = . , . = 2Cy, v = 0, and we recognise the flow as including that of FLOW AND AERODYNAMIC FORCE AIR n] 24, where 2C = U/h, and there are certain restrictions on the area occupied by Article 49 y/c*6 y/os Wo* the flow. y/c=3 39. Circulation and Vorticity So far we have dealt with the line integral of the normal velocity component across a drawn in the field of The line integral of the tangential velocity component once round any closed curve is curve flow. STREAMLINES FOR UNIFORM SHEARING.

Correction on (58) due to compressibility remains small for moderately large velocities. In the above case of motion the dividing streamline is obviously Imagine a solid of straight, and collinear with the axis of the tube. revolution, of the shape of an airship envelope, for instance, having this same axis and situated with its nose at the mouth of the tube. The pressure in the tube remains unchanged, and indicates a pressure An airship nose increase of %pq z occurring at the nose of the body.

The velocity at any chosen position in the field of flow does not vary in magnitude or direction with time. They are more than this, however, for the velocity of any chosen element of fluid does not vary with time as it (It is specifically in this respect that wider proceeds along its path. ) General Steady Flow. We may have a steady motion which is The streamlines then form a neither uniform nor strictly laminar. not flow does of the which vary with time, but the velocity picture Thus the from one a streamline varies position to another.

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