After the Science Wars by Keith Ashman

By Keith Ashman

The "War" in technology is basically the dialogue among those that think that technological know-how is above feedback and people who don't. After the technological know-how Wars is a suite of essays via top philosophers and scientists, all trying to bridge interdisciplinary gulfs during this dialogue.

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In fact, one was cleverly direct and clear, while the other was complicated and subject to many contaminating influences which had to be taken into account. This was ignored, even though the difference is not subtle. 30 RANDOMIZED THOUGHTS OF A CULTURAL TURNCOAT Once, in the days of the Garden, when we all lived in idyllic harmony with Nature, two people went out hunting, separately. One hunter, while walking the jungle, thought there was a tiger, but passed it off as a trick of light and shadow.

Of course knowledge must be distinguished from mere belief. This can be done by reserving the word “knowledge” for what is collectively endorsed, leaving the individual and idiosyncratic to count as mere belief. (Bloor 1991:5) But only nine pages later, he reverts without comment to the standard definition of “knowledge,” which he contrasts with “error”: “it would be wrong to assume that the natural working of our animal resources always produces knowledge. They produce a mixture of knowledge and error with equal naturalness…” (Bloor 1991: 14).

Socrates: What’s this, Polus? You’re laughing? Is this yet another kind of refutation which has you laughing at ideas rather than proving them wrong? (Plato’s Gorgias, 473e, Waterfield translation)24 38 GABRIEL STOLZENBERG In the same review of Fashionable Nonsense, Nagel writes, “The chapters dealing in more detail with individual thinkers reveal that they are beyond parody. Sokal could not create anything as ridiculous as this, from Luce Irigaray: Is E=Mc2 a sexed equation? Perhaps it is. Let us make the hypothesis that it is insofar as it privileges the speed of light over other speeds that are vitally necessary to us.

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