Alchemy Unveiled by Johannes Helmond

By Johannes Helmond

This e-book places all rumors apart on alchemy. it tells immediately up what's actual alchemy and what's faux. this can be very informative and that i could suggest it to someone drawn to the topic

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Because, through this short way, the whole work can be accomplished considerably faster than through the long way of distillation, through which you can hardly accomplish the preliminary work in one year. Lullius, Philalethes, Welling and also others taught the short way, which alone is the "VIA REGIA" of the true Adepts. Alchemy Unveiled Page 46 I. The Work of Dissolution. The Preparation of the Azoth. " -(Axiomata, 1736) The dissolving water, as aforementioned, is not given to Human Beings by Nature, but instead this secret Spirit of Vinegar must be artfully prepared by Human Beings.

This process was portrayed by the ancient hermetic Philosophers in their writings in different ways, as it is shown allegorically through the distillation of the Spirit of Wine. Just as the sweet juice is pressed from Grapes, which then ferment and become wine, and through distillation becomes a volatile Spiritus or Spirit of Wine. Furthermore, through the transformation of the sour tartar, it becomes calcareous earth and when distilled with sulfuric acid, it becomes the acrid Spirit of Vinegar.

That is the true Self-Knowledge, the highest Study in hermetic Science. Therefore, you must be mindful in the new microcosmic Creation, that is, in the Magnum Opus of the Sages, that all Elements of our Subjecti, as well as the lower and the upper (Light, Air, Water, Earth, Fire, fleeting and fixed Spiritum) be made into a philosophical Water, or respectively into Wine, in which Light and Darkness, Death and Life are together, as it was in the primordial Chaos of Creation. When that is accomplished, this Water must be gently separated from the Earth, in the divine Fire, so that the subtile Earth which is hidden, philosophical Wine or mercurial Water comes forth.

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