All Power to the Councils! A Documentary History of the

The German Revolution erupted out of the ashes of worldwide battle I, prompted via mutinying sailors refusing to be sacrificed within the ultimate carnage of the conflict. whereas the Social Democrats grabbed energy, radicals around the nation rallied to set up a communist society below the slogan “All strength to the Councils!” The Spartacus League introduced an rebellion in Berlin, council republics have been proclaimed in Bremen and Bavaria, and workers’ revolts shook a variety of German cities. but in an act that will tragically form the process background, the Social Democratic executive overwhelmed the rebellions with the aid of right-wing militias, paving the best way for the ill-fated Weimar Republic—and finally the ascension of the Nazis.

This definitive documentary historical past collects manifestos, speeches, articles, and letters from the German Revolution—Rosa Luxemburg, the progressive Stewards, and Gustav Landauer among others—introduced and annotated through the editor. Many files, equivalent to the anarchist Erich Mühsam’s accomplished account of the Bavarian Council Republic, are provided right here in English for the 1st time. the amount additionally comprises fabrics from the crimson Ruhr military that repelled the reactionary Kapp Putsch in 1920 and the communist bandits that roamed jap Germany till 1921. All strength to the Councils! presents a dynamic and brilliant photograph of a time of serious wish and devastating betrayal.

“Gabriel Kuhn’s first-class quantity illuminates a profound international innovative second, during which really good principles and debates lit the sky.” —Marcus Rediker, writer of Villains of all Nations and The Slave Ship

“This notable assortment, skillfully edited through Gabriel Kuhn, brings to existence that almost all pivotal of revolutions, crackling with the acrid smell of road battling, rebel hopes, and eventually defeat… In an period brimming with anticapitalist aspirations, those pages ring with that also unmet innovative promise of a higher international: I was once, i'm, I shall be.” —Sasha Lilley, writer of Capital and Its Discontents and coauthor of Catastrophism

“Drawing on newly exposed fabric via pioneering archival old examine, Gabriel Kuhn’s robust ebook at the German workers’ councils stream is vital interpreting to figuring out the future of democratic employee regulate today.” —Immanuel Ness, Graduate heart for employee schooling, Brooklyn College

“An crucial source on a world-historic event.” —Lucien van der Walt, Rhodes college, South Africa

“The councils of the early twentieth century, as they're provided during this quantity, have been self reliant organs of the operating category past the normal events and unions. they'd stepped out of the hidden global of small political teams and represented a mass flow battling for an all-encompassing council system.” —Teo Panther, editor of Alle Macht den Räten: Novemberrevolution 1918

“The German Revolution of 1918–1919 and the next years mark a great interval in German historical past. This assortment brings the unconventional aspirations of the time alive and comprises many very important classes for modern students and activists alike.” —Markus Bauer, unfastened Workers’ Union, FAU-IAA

“The struggles of the German operating classification within the early twentieth century are might be essentially the most sour and misunderstood in ecu heritage, and it's time they have been paid extra attention.” —Richard Parry, writer of The Bonnot Gang

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