All Rites Reversed: Ritual Technology for Self Initiation by Antero Alli

By Antero Alli

All Rites Reversed?! is full of ritual thoughts stripped of dogma and imposed trust for powerful rite. "When you input Antero Alli's magic circle you develop into one with the 1st Paleolithic shamans dancing to the bear-god. you'll understand your self here-now as you might have by no means recognized your self before..".

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64 I I All Rites Reversed All Rites Reversed ! while sustaining your Contact Point with the ANGELIC KINGDOM. Find a way to returzll to the ANGELIC KINGDOM. 1 DEMONS IN HEAVEN Same as ANGELS IN HELL but you start out by evoking the DEMONIC DOMAIN, making yourself at home as a DEMON IN HELL. Somehow, get pulled into HEAVEN (that space outside your Little Circle) then, explore HEAVEN sustaining your DEMONIC INTEGRITY. If you are converted while visiting HEAVEN, return to your Little Circle and reclaim the DEMONIC DOMAIN in HEA VEN's name.

Leave their Little Circles and enter ~ spe~Ied arena o~ mteract~0z:t. RItual intent is for these two forces to meet and mteract. whIle remammg true to their respective Contact Points. DEATH carnes the power of touch and can terminate WARRIOR w·th ·t WA~IOR has only his/her song, rhythm and dance expressinghis/he~ w~i to hve. DEATH ~e~ermines the end of the ritual by either touching WARRIOR or refraInmg thus, granting life extension. All Rites Reversed 61 I velopment and then, project an altar area within this circle and dedicate It to DISTILLATION.

Sustain neutrality while containirig the forces of POSITIVE and NEGATIVE within you as you visit their respective regions. ASTRO-DRAMA part #1 Divide circle into 12 wedges designating each to a different House. From NO-FORM, travel from the 11th House cusp into the 11th House and proceed through the 12th and into the 1st and so forth, until you reach the Midheaven. At the Midheaven, come to a GESTURE crystallizing the essence of your evolution. ) Select a major aspect. N "tual. If there's a square, include res1stance mto the ntual.

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