An Introduction to the Analysis of Paths on a Riemannian by Daniel W. Stroock

By Daniel W. Stroock

This ebook goals to bridge the distance among likelihood and differential geometry. It supplies structures of Brownian movement on a Riemannian manifold: an extrinsic one the place the manifold is learned as an embedded submanifold of Euclidean house and an intrinsic one in keeping with the "rolling" map. it truly is then proven how geometric amounts (such as curvature) are mirrored by way of the habit of Brownian paths and the way that habit can be utilized to extract information regarding geometric amounts. Readers must have a powerful historical past in research with easy wisdom in stochastic calculus and differential geometry. Professor Stroock is a highly-respected professional in likelihood and research. The readability and elegance of his exposition additional improve the standard of this quantity. Readers will locate an inviting advent to the learn of paths and Brownian movement on Riemannian manifolds.

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Yet , in principle, there is nothing random about a coin flip. Keller (1986) provides an analysis of coin tossing assuming the coin is caught by the thrower and therefore not allowed to bounce. He shows that as the initial velocity and rate of turning become large, the probability of heads tends to one half. In what follows, Keller's analysis is extended to the case where the coin is allowed to bounce off the floor. Explicit bounds are provided. These are combined with experimental results due to Persi Diaconis to determine how fair actual coin tosses really are.

One Dimensional Calle It is also interesting to note that in this example - and also when the density of X is not bounded from above -1I(tX)(mod 1) - Ulloo = +00, so that there is convergence in the variation distance but not in the sup norm. O, 11, U, at a rate at last linear in t- 1 • If all random variables with densities of bounded variation are considered, this rate cannot be improved upon. Yet if attention is focused on specific random variables, faster rates of convergence may be attained.

To infinity. Proof. 2). 0 Corollary 2. , the Riemann-Lebesque condition for y in a set to which Y assiqns probability one . ,olutely continuous . Then, as t tends to infinity, (tX + Y)(mod 1) conuerqes to Un in the uieak-siar topology. Proof. 2. o Remark. 1 Mathematical Results 57 interest. Yet there are occasions on which a function of an absolutely continuous random variable does not have a density (because its support is of lower dimension) but still satisfies the Riemann-Lebesgue condition.

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