Angel Answers by Diana Cooper

By Diana Cooper

Angels offer outlooks which could aid unravel any human obstacle, even if social, political, historic, own, sexual, or religious, and their enlightened methods are recorded in this insightful and uplifting religious advisor. precise and encouraging own tales end up that no challenge is just too tough whilst angels are consulted, and diverse workouts and meditations are incorporated to make hearing and knowing angels more uncomplicated. those uncomplicated, transparent, and compassionate solutions are offered as a fashion of resolving attempting concerns and discovering peace.

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Were you able to hold the dog in the light and pray for it? Was it a wake-up call, telling you your life was on the wrong path? At the time of the accident were you angry or even feeling murderous? How do I know if I still have karma to pay? If you still owe karma, your life will present it to you in the form of 42 KARMA challenges, restriction or the desire to help others. John did not particularly like children, but his job as a driver entailed doing school runs. He tried to get out of it but always seemed to find himself driving kids.

Help me to recognize the divine in all things so that by thought, word and action I align with the highest will. Strengthen my intention to live my life according to the purest vision. At the same time open me to compassion for those who transgress the Spiritual Laws. Amen. I told a lie to protect my mother’s feelings. Does this earn karma? When you try to protect another soul from hurt, you are preventing them from learning their lessons and this earns karma. You might like to consider that you were actually trying to shield yourself from feeling your mother’s pain.

7. Take a few moments to thank God for taking your loved one into His care. Ask for the strength, patience, love and whatever else you need to handle the situation. 8. Feel your angel’s wings enfolding you and know that help is coming to you. You may need to do this visualization several times. I feel condemned to a life of drudgery looking after my elderly parents. What can I do? You build your life with your emotions and, most importantly, your beliefs. Your beliefs are that you deserve to live in drudgery and servitude, and this has become your karma.

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