Aspect Book Earth by Eric Brennan

By Eric Brennan

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Here, our narrators explain what they perceive to be their place in the world. CYNIS TAKGANA I felt I’d been training for the Immaculate Order since I Exalted. I’d already spent a summer posing as a postulant, and four years at the Cloister had honed my mind and body. Although I never would have spoken it out loud, I was confident at being accepted into the Order and moving through the coils quickly. Suffice to say, I was not humble. And they knew this, I think. Firstly, I was made to wait three weeks before being presented to the Paragon of Sextes Jylis.

Only adventurous Heptagram students and teachers go there, and not all of them return. The ruins of the Versino lie there and all the ghosts therein. Well, not all the ghosts. Most of the ghosts of my former teachers and fellow students have been scoured from the area, either captured for class assignments or for the knowledge lost when the building collapsed. During my most recent trip, I took a servant with me, an ugly boy who babbled incoherently when I told him I wished for him to travel with me.

The Order is my life, and I embrace it. The Immaculate Texts sooth me when I have doubts, and my mission sustains me. Pasiap has chosen me for a reason. He has placed me in the hands of the Mouth of Peace to be her tool. That is the way things are, and it is not a bad life. ROMANTIC LIFE I saw Peleps Dekna last week. Our meeting had an unexpected effect on me, not to mention a violent one. I was visiting Noble with my itinerant companion, Nir, and we were preparing to leave the following day. A sense of wanderlust took me to the streets.

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