Supermarine Attacker, Swift and Scimitar by Philip Birtles

By Philip Birtles

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A carriage is turned right by pulling on the right rein, and the pressure is held until the horse has turned far enough. A ship's wheel or tiller is also held over during a turn. A break was necessary in this historical pattern of control when aircraft arrived, simply because banking was the only efficient means of changing direction. But there is a good reason why this system continues - an aircraft stays in a turn much longer. when the turn is 30 Flying Concorde full minute to reverse course at normal rates.

Concorde can manage without canards, carrying only tiny foreplanes, known as 'moustaches', which are there principally to smooth the airflow over the innermost sections of the wing: those parts which get least benefit from vortex lift. Concorde's fuel transfer flying controls. system Although unseen, in a real sense part of its produces the balanced state is it around which the elevons work and, when necessary, converts part of their function to improve low-speed performance. When a pilot thinks of an aeroplane, he remembers not only what it looks like, but also what it is like to fly.

Slam-closure of a throttle at Mach 2 makes the aeroplane react, but the engine doesn't even hiccup. dump produces the one odd flying an engine fails at supersonic speed, Concorde banks the wrong way. Any aircraft, Concorde included, will yaw towards a 'dead' engine; thrust on that side has suddenly been lost, and the engine has become a producer of drag. As a result, the wing on the side opposite to the failed engine will temporarily move faster, gain lift and rise. This need suddenly to air characteristic of the aeroplane: if slower wing failed yaw ^ Bi^^B^ engine drag Engine failure - subsonic aircraft The combined engine.

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