Automated Stratigraphic Correlation by F. P. Agterberg

By F. P. Agterberg

This publication offers an advent to fresh advancements in computerized stratigraphic correlation of fossil information, utilizing desktop courses for rating and scaling of stratigraphic occasions. Mainframes or microcomputers can be utilized to assist the stratigrapher in the course of info stock for a area or period of time, for building of a biozonation in accordance with stratigraphic occasions, (such because the most up-to-date visual appeal datum of a fossil species), and for computerized correlation. The booklet is meant for complicated geology scholars, examine employees and lecturers with a historical past in stratigraphy and an curiosity in utilizing computer-based recommendations for problem-solving.

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These intervals a r e shown as eA and eg. The Unitary Associations method would result in the overlapping ranges for species A and B shown in Fig. The latter result would also be obtained by using the Gaussian curves and assuming that and eg would extend two instead of one standard deviations on either side of the mean. 40 Edwards (198213) has pointed out that if both highest and lowest occurrences of taxa are used, there is a possibility that in some methods of ranking, the highest occurrence of a taxon would end up below its lowest occurrence.

In practice, it is almost always impossible t o precisely measure the shapes of the frequency distributions of the highest and lowest occurrences of a taxon because one would need large numbers of sections that are calibrated precisely according to time-lines. C Fig. 16 Six possible shapes for the frequency distribution of the observed last occurrence of a taxon. the top (t) is the truly last occurrence. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 represent mode, median and mean, respectively. These three statistics coincide for a symmetrical curve.

Quantitative stratigraphers should always look for impossible arrangements in computer output and modify their algorithm if required. 17. 17. Because the spike is symmetrical, the frequency curve also must be symmetrical when it is narrow (possibly B in Figs. 17). Wider frequency curves have different values for their mode (l),median (2) and mean (3), respectively. Curves for which the order of the mode, median and mean is 123 are positively skew in the direction of time. Those with order 321 are negatively skew.

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