B-1 Lancer in action by Lou Drendel, Mariano Rosales, Richard Hudson

By Lou Drendel, Mariano Rosales, Richard Hudson

Squadron sign e-book In motion Bone B-1 Lancer airplane #179 #1179

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Rocket tubes containing the 24 73 mm R4M rocket shells c. pilot and seat position d. C-Stoff tank e. T-Stoff tank f. HWK 509s propellant waste drain after shut down g. HWK 509s rocket motor housing h. HWK 509s thrust tube connecting the rocket motor and the combustion chamber Einbauschema der Walter HWK-109-509. A) Abwerfbare Plexiglashaube, B) Raketenbatterie, C) Pilot, D) "C-Stoff"-Behälter, E) "T-Stoff"-Behälter, F) Sollbruchstelle des Rumpfes (absprengbar), G) Fallschirmkasten (Steuerbord), H) Triebwerk HWK 109-509 A.

44 The Bachem-Werke Ba 349 "Natter" What appears to be a complete wing, except for covering, for a Ba 349 clamped to its assembly table at the Bachem Werke, Waldsee/Württemberg. A molded one-piece plywood covering which wraps around the leading edge of a "Natter's" wing. Shown in the Ba 349 workshop at the Bachem Werke, WaaIdsee/ Württemberg. The Bachem-Werke Ba 349 "Natter" 45 A complete wooden wing for a Ba 349. It appears that its wing tips have yet to be glued on. Both wings are connected by 4xboard sandwiched main spar.

64 The Bachem-Werke Ba 349 "Natter" Another 349V as seen above but with a close-up of its tail cone where the HWK 509 would extend out. As many as four Bachem-Werke laborers plus a man in a light-colored hat appear to be concerned with some aspect of the middle launch rail where the 349V's ventral tail rides during lift- off.

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