B-17 Flying Fortress Units of the Pacific War by Martin Bowman, Mark Styling

By Martin Bowman, Mark Styling

The B-17 observed strive against within the Pacific from the instant a formation of those bombers arrived at Pearl Harbor throughout the midst of the 7 December 1941 eastern assault. by way of the tip of the conflict, SB-17 rescue craft have been saving wrestle crews within the waters off Japan. This booklet finds why, to the general public, the Flying citadel used to be larger recognized than the Spitfire, the Boeing 747, or Lindbergh's Spirit of St Louis. The identify attractiveness loved by way of the B-17 used to be that company's cause of developing B-17 Steak Sauce and Osprey's cause to around out the saga of this nice wartime plane.

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8 Early in the Kennedy administration, the Federal Aviation Administration had begun pressing for a government-supported R&D program for an SST. The Air Force had opposed this effort, because it feared that such a program could threaten the XB-70 program, but Congress approved a government-funded program early in the Johnson administration. The major competitors were North American, Boeing, Lockheed, and Douglas. Douglas soon withdrew from the competition, and surprisingly, North American was eliminated later.

Following the award of a prototype development contract at the end of the year, Boeing moved ahead rapidly toward a first flight, which took place on April 15, 1952. (Holder, 1975, pp. 11-13; Gunston, 1993, pp. 87-88; Jones, 1980, p. ) Convair, however, refused to concede victory for the next strategic bomber to Boeing without a fight. The company adopted a strategy of selling the Air Force on a high-performance modification of its existing B-36, which would possess high commonality with the bombers already in the inventory.

Furthermore, Convair could take advantage of synergies between its F-102, F-106, and B-58 development programs. Indeed, by the time Convair won the supersonic bomber competition, its B-58 design proposal had evolved into a scaled-up and refined version of the F- 102. The original B-58 design was substantially modified in accordance with the "area rule" concept discovered during the F-102 program in 1952. In another example, the leading edge of the B-58 wing was redesigned before first flight to incorporate the "conical camber" design concept also developed on the F-102 program.

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