Battles of nineteenth century. Volume 3.

Третий том истории великих войн девятнадцатого столетия от издательства Кассель содержит описания кампаний в британской Индии. Подавлением восстания сипаев. Операции британской армии в Юго-Восточной Азии. Анализируется активность Франции на Ближнем Востоке, в Алжире и Тунисе. Есть статьи о войнах России. Карты, схемы, красочные вставные гравюры. Портреты полководцев – в основном генералов и офицеров британской службы. Добротный том для изучения истории конфликтов 19 века по первоисточникам. Для всех любителей униформологии, истории военного искусства.

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As Ney had drawn up Marmont's rear earl\in the morning but hearing the cannonade at Lieberwolkwitz before ^larmont was attacked, the Due d'Elchingen marched off towards the firing until Bliicher's guns recalled him, and he is said to have lost both combats in consequence. Returning once more to the south, one little incident deserves to be recounted, which had happened when the Kolmberg was stormed. in ; Napoleon, necessity ; en banderole across the square rciers. which showed scarlet and crimson and rose, and bright yellow and dull orange brass helmet^ rolled ; with the whisk of horsehair about them bearskins of the Compagnies d'eltte bedraggled with the rain one of those furious waves that in the earlj- days of the Empire were wont to ; : annihilate ever3-thing in their course, and which now capturing twentj'-six gun> strong a and hustling the Russian dragoons over a brook in ment drawn up motionwhich and asked " their rear.

Sir Henry Lawrence started early next morning with 1 1 guns, 3b European volunteer cavalrv and So Sikhs, 300 men of the 32nd, and 220 native infantry, the remains of the regiments that had mutinied. They started too late, and the heat of the sun soon became excessive. When within i ,400 yards of Chinhut the enemj-'s guns opened fire, and those of the little column replied. After half an hour's artillery duel two heavy masses of the enemy appeared on each flank the field-pieces opened on them when within a distance of 400 The cavalry yards, but without checking them.

Last, The itself at its Russians carried the outer Peter's Gate, and fell with tremendous violence on the rearthe Baden Jagers guard in Reichel's garden bolted from the inner gate without firing a shot, and afterwards turned their weapons on ; the defeated French. wild burden of the " Stiirm " march rang through the streets with loud huzzas and shouts The BATTLES OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. 24 " Frederick William " as the the Halle Prussians entered the Grimma Gate suburb and the northern side of the city were in of Long live !

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