Being Virtual: Who You Really Are Online (Science Museum by Davey Winder

By Davey Winder

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The founding moment came when we asked a one-man band in an almostempty pub to play us “The Green Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones on his little Yamaha keyboard. It was about the most inappropriate song we could think of bar “Anarchy in the UK”, which he’d already refused to do. To our horror, he agreed, on condition that we sing along’. Simon explained they couldn’t because they were under contract and taking a night off from their UK tour. Quick as a flash, The Xenophobics came into being.

Life changing is a big concept to bandy about, but as far as Sarah is concerned that is precisely what CIX was in her most vulnerable and identity-shaping years. ‘Being around older people all the time led to me maturing faster than a lot of my schoolmates, which was a good thing. It allowed me to become more confident, I was happier at school because it mattered less when fallings out happened, and they happened less as we got older. I actually socialised more with the school people, as it had given more confidence to be around them’.

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