Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf by Alfred (Eugene Jolas, trans.) Doblin

By Alfred (Eugene Jolas, trans.) Doblin

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All singing, whistling, and noise is prohibited. The prisoners must immediately rise in the morning at the signal to get up, they must put their bunks in order, wash, comb their hair, clean their clothes, and dress. Soap should be issued in adequate quantities. Boom, a bell, get up, boom five-thirty, boom Six-thirty, doors unlocked, boom boom, we go outside, distribution of breakfast, working hours, recreation hour, boom boom boom, noon, don’t make such a wry face, old boy, you’re not going to be fattened up here, singers should step forward, they are to appear at five-forty, I’ll report myself hoarse, at six the doors are locked, good evening, that’s that.

But I overheard what happened at the door. You told him about Zannovich. ” Then the stranger, who had been staring at the brownbeard, grumbled: “Who are you and how’d you get in here, anyway? ” “Did he tell you about Zannovich, or not? He’s been tellin’ you stories. ” “Did I ever ask you to help me? ” “What of it, if he’s not feeling well? You didn’t get an order from God, just look at him, God waited till he came along. ” “Keep away from that man, I tell you. ” “Just listen to the swindler, the charily hound.

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