Beyond the Himalayas by M MacDonald-Bayne

By M MacDonald-Bayne

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They were filled with yak butter and the wick stayed alight as long as the butter lasted, and in some cases those lamps were kept burning continually for hundreds of years. He explained that their religion taught about the many different hells of torment. There seemed to be a hell for every type of person; even doctors who kill their patients had a hell of their own, where they were dissected again and again and then put together afterwards. Black lines are drawn over the body to guide the devil with his red hot saw.

This peculiar style of execution was his idiosyncrasy, his sign manual so to speak. It set the seal upon all his compositions in which it is indicated by the term tempo rubato. ” Stopping for a moment to think, Geshi Rimpoche said: “I am sure I read something like that about Chopin---I think it was Moschiles who wrote it,” and he continued: “Purity of expression can result only when you are true to youself, that is, when you express your own inner depth according to the clarity of your thought, interpretation and execution.

The soft flowing parts of Mendelssohn which Geshi Rimpoche had chosen were still “living” with me, and there was a sense of deeper freedom now. He also was up early. It was summer-time and he told me that he seldom missed seeing the sun rise in the morning. As yet it had not risen. It was just beginning to show a reflection from the tops of the mountains covered with the eternal snows. We both sat down to watch the rays of colour changing from dark red into the brighter shades. Nowhere in the world can there be seen a more glorious sight than in Tibet when the sun is rising or when it is setting behind the snowclad peaks of the mighty Himalayas.

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