Blueprint for Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life by Harold Saxton Burr

By Harold Saxton Burr

Complete account of the electrodynamic fields which keep an eye on all residing issues.

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John Rock, of Brookline, Massachusetts, head of a gynae­ cological hospital, evinced interest in the techniques and under­ took to develop the procedures in his hospital. We gave him all the advice and help tha t we could, and eventually he set up a number of measurements a t that hospital. He reported in a paper some ten or more instances of ovulation occurring in the middle of the menstrual cycle as indicated by electrical measurements. He completed these experiments, or at least the first of them, how­ ever, before we had been able to find a suitable patient for our work in New Haven.

Needless to say, this drained the current from the system, which was badly disturbed by the measuring. The brilliant exception was Lund who, in his early experi­ ments used an electrometer to study living organisms. But every­ one who has worked with these instruments knows tha t they are difficult to set up and to keep in good operating condition for sufficiently-long periods to permit careful study of the living organism. Lund made another great advance by using zinc sulphate electrodes in tap water or cell sap to make contact with the pro­ toplasm itself.

In the third category are questions concerning the interrelationship between electric fields of the environment and the fields of the developing mech­ anism. If the theory could be established, we felt it would be possible to apply the mathematical methods developed for field physics to biological material. This would place the study of biological organization on a mathematical as well as on an experimental basis. The general statement of the field theory here presented re­ quired that four questions be put to Nature : The first, Are there potential and polar differences in living systems everywhere ?

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