Blues Ain't Nothing But a Good Soul Feeling Bad: Daily Steps by Sheldon Kopp

By Sheldon Kopp

Day-by-day meditations hide identification, lifestyles evaluate, objectives, vanity, worry, threat taking, humility, and freedom.

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And, at no time did he free people from the burden of what they must do for themselves. ” No one else can find your higher power for you. February 12 WHEN WE are scared and uncertain, we’re most vulnerable to believing that someone somewhere must be smart enough to know what’s best for us and will be strong enough to come to our rescue. This happens to all of us at times. Unfortunately, some people spend their lives waiting to be rescued. Stubbornly insisting on trusting almost anyone’s judgment instead of their own, the dependent seekers find themselves let down, exploited, and betrayed again and again.

February 24 WHAT CAN we hope to be for one another in this frightening, exciting world in which we are both trapped and free? We need to come to know each other, for there is little else that has real meaning. We must learn what it is we have to give, and what we may hope to receive. What we can hope to get—and hope to give—is the strength and comfort of knowing there are others who feel what we feel, struggle as we struggle, who mourn their losses and survive. Grateful for the gifts of caring companions, we value most the courage we get from their support so we can be our own sort of person.

By reducing your own demands of who you should be, you can live more comfortably with who and what you are. Paradoxically, it is this acceptance of what is that increases your chances of becoming all you possibly can. Simply scaling down your image to life-size eases tensions, spares you from blaming yourself, and adds to the pleasure you can have from everyday life. Just scaling down our arrogance makes us feel better about ourselves. February 22 TO SOME degree, everyone has a divided personality.

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