The books at the wake: a study of literary allusions in by James S. Atherton

By James S. Atherton

In Finnegans Wake Joyce makes use of global lit­erature, nice and small, sacred and pro­fane, as some of the most very important and common of his assets. getting down to ex­plore those literary allusions, Mr. Atherton sheds loads of mild upon different as­pects of Joyce’s paintings. whole chapters are dedicated to such significant figures as speedy and Lewis Carroll, whereas less significant impacts are grouped jointly less than such headings as “The Irish Writers” and “The Fathers of the Church.” He additionally sur­veys a number of the interpretations of Finnegans Wake, and uses the Letters of James Joyce and the manuscript of Fin­negans Wake within the British Museum.

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1955, pp. 'l In fact, for a student of the English language the Ayenbite is required reading, but no student of theology would give it a second thought; what attracted Joyce to it was its title, and that is the only part of it that he used. This is not to deny that Joyce's reading was extraordinarily wide, and that many of the books he used have not yet been traced. 308). 25), for example, refers to the alchemical equation of mercury, salt, and sulphur with the Blessed Trinity,2 as the Greek kyrios is pointing out.

3 (April 1949), p. 87. 1 47 THE STRUCTURAL BOOKS probably one of Joyce's source books. One book on spiritualism in his 'Personal Library', Allan Kardec's La genese, les miracles at les predictions selon Ie spiritisme,l was frequently underlined. It is possible that the technique in the third book, and perhaps elsewhere, owes something to the Myersian theories of 'cross-correspondences'. The entire third book is, on one level, a report of a spiritualist seance, and Joyce told Miss Weaver that 'a book of spirit talks with Oscar Wilde • .

I2 . . 22'. Abram H. Dailey, Mollie Fancher, the Brooklyn Enigma. Brooklyn, I894. 3 'Da1y ... maid of the folley ... 20 ••. • 28). 24). 1 2 41 THE STRUCTURAL BOOKS Joyee's mania for puns, so does Dublin's. E. 14). 30) connects this to Hogg who is usually brought in in some similar way when fiends are mentioned. 'To be upright as his match ... 23), says Yaun of one of his 'anti-selves'. e Wake derive from Hogg's book in which much of the action takes place in that city. 35), just as it was the devil who was responsible for the trouble in the garden of Eden.

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