Brain Facts (Gray Matter) by Louis Vera-portocarrero, Eric H. Chudler

By Louis Vera-portocarrero, Eric H. Chudler

Identifies the bizarre proof that encompass the examine of the human mind. This name additionally takes a glance at how the mind works, the place within the mind its significant features live, and the way the various components of the mind have interaction with one another to provide the human adventure.

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We often confuse a substance’s smell with its taste; and if we have a head cold or hold our nose while eating, food seems to lose its flavor. 2). Sound waves funnel into the outer ear. They pass along a narrow tube, the ear canal, to a small patch of rubbery skin at its end, the eardrum, and make it vibrate. The eardrum is connected to a row of three tiny bones linked together, the malleus (hammer), incus (anvil), and stapes (stirrup). The vibrations pass along these bones. The stapes presses against a fluid-filled, snail-shaped part called the cochlea, deep inside the ear.

It usually begins at puberty and continues for the remainder of the person’s life. The Function of Sleep and Dreams It is likely that sleep is functionally important because it has persisted throughout the evolution of mammals and birds. In the laboratory, rats that have been deprived of sleep for two to three weeks will die. There are several theories regarding the function of sleep. • Conservation of metabolic energy: The idea that sleep con- serves energy is supported by the fact that humans increase their food intake during sleep deprivation.

In sleep deprivation experiments performed with human volunteers, lack of REM sleep makes subjects anxious and irritable. After such experiments, when subjects are permitted to sleep normally again, they go through a period when they spend more time than usual in the REM stage. After recovery, there is no apparent long-lasting damage. Many types of drugs alter sleep patterns and affect the amount of REM sleep. For example, sleeping pills may increase the total sleeping time but decrease the time spent in REM sleep.

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