Brighter Grammar 1: An English Grammar with Exercises by C. E. Eckersley, Margaret Macaulay, Phebean A. Ogundipe

By C. E. Eckersley, Margaret Macaulay, Phebean A. Ogundipe

This ever well known four-book sequence Brighter Grammer is helping scholars comprehend the main issues of English grammer, utilizing basically crucial technical phrases. Graded workouts let lecturers to watch improvement, and energetic illustrations improve the textual content and keep the scholars' intrest.

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The discoverer, Dr Jean de Heinzelin, suggests that it was probably the handle of a tool used for engraving or writing . The bone is described and discussed as follows: There are three separate columns, each consisting of sets of notches arranged in distinct patterns. One column has four groups composed of eleven, thirteen, seventeen and nineteen notches; these are the prime numbers between ten and twenty. In another column the groups consist of eleven, twenty-one, nineteen and nine notches, in that order.

In Italy the tally was called taglia or tessera, in Spain tarja, in France taille. Of course, the English word tally is derived from French taille. The Swedish word is karvstock . The corresponding Dutch word kerfstok is seldom used in its literal meaning, but has become a synonym of 'bad conscience' . If a Dutchman says Hy heeft iets op zyn kerfstok (literally: 'He has something on his tally -stick') he means: 'He ha s done something wrong'. The German word Kerbholz has the same meaning: A German would say Er hat etwas auf dem Kerbholz A contemporary of the Flemish painter Pieter Brueghel the elder (d.

It is true that specific kinds of tally sticks were used only in limited areas. However, the tally sticks from the canton Berne (see Figure 27) have Roman numerals and so do the tally sticks from Visperterminen , shown in Figure 25. On the 'milk sticks' from Graubunden (see Figure 21) as well as on the tally sticks from Berne capital letters are carved and on the 'A lpine billet' (see Figure 24) is the date 1752 written in Arabic numerals. So the inventors and users of these tally sticks were not just 'simple people'; at least some of them could read and write.

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