British Aerospace Nimrod (Modern combat aircraft) by John Chartres

By John Chartres

One of many stalwarts of RAF provider and loved via her crews, the Nimrod has a sage which can be acknowledged to be combined. This good illustrated ebook offers a radical clarification of improvement, carrier and customers for the plane as issues stood within the mid-eighties. the canopy shot is a bit deceptive because the bulk of the e-book is set the maritime recce types however the bankruptcy at the AEW is particularly attention-grabbing. again then there has been wish for 2 a long time or extra of carrier left within the RAF fleet at the very least for the MR2 but when the writer had a great crystal ball he could see even more luck tinged with disappointment and unhappiness. to determine approximately how the Nimrod fared you'll have to buy an extra booklet yet all i will be able to say is this tome is a useful addition to a person drawn to RAF plane.

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