British Food Journal - Vol. 105 No. 3 2003: The Croatian by Natasa Renko, Daniella Vignali (editors)

By Natasa Renko, Daniella Vignali (editors)

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E. its arrangement outlook (as well as container design pertaining to the store-vended products). ), whose existence is indubitable and necessary in foodstuffs. The esthetic features therefore mainly belong to the group of foodstuff quality features, which again can be variously improved. The foodstuff perishability is manifested as a problem of spatial and temporal harmonization of foodstuff supplies. Temporal harmonization is conducted by the agency of a technological treatment, while the spatial one is done through the foodstuff transportation and storage modernization.

The ‘‘concerned’’ segment comprises approximately –11 percent of the surveyed population. The variables that characterize this segment and their mean values are given in Table VIII. Table IX shows the mean values of the attitudes of families in this segment. The following statements are the most important to this segment: . ‘‘I try to avoid food products with additives’’. ‘‘I always try to get best quality for best price’’. . ‘‘It is more important to choose food products for their nutritional value rather than for their taste’’.

Therefore, the contemporary tourist market necessitates a high-quality and relatively standardized aspect of foodstuff offer. In that direction, one should take steps towards the establishment of an ‘‘industrial’’ and qualitatively standardized foodstuff offer. Such a design of a certain number of dishes that would incorporate a sort of a CRO image as an exponent of the proper national cuisine (ethnic food) becomes unavoidable. Namely, one should bear in mind that the foreign tourist consumers are very demanding and simultaneously dainty, primarily thanks to their relatively greater purchasing power.

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