By Land, Sky & Sea: Three Realms of Shamanic Witchcraft by Gede Parma

By Gede Parma

For Witches and Pagans of all traditions and paths, via Land, Sky & Sea can help you improve an intimate figuring out of the magickal lore and traditions of recent shamanic pathworking. dependent upon the Celtic geographical regions of land, sky, and sea, this clever and specified publication explores the traditional trinity and its Greek, Hawaiian, Hindu, Stregheria, and Wiccan customs. Gede Parma courses you thru powerful tools for operating within the 3 geographical regions, culminating in robust rituals for every. —Gain uncomplicated abilities in breathwork, omenwalking, divination, and celebrating the physique via dance—Learn options for power paintings and increasing awareness, equivalent to astral projection, clearing and balancing the chakras, and clairvoyance—Enact actual shamanic practices of trance, imaginative and prescient visiting, channeling, oracle analyzing, initiation, and rebirth compliment: "Lyrical, anecdotal, and useful . . . This e-book will interact and refresh the professional practitioner of contemporary Witchcraft and enlighten the beginner both. Recommended."—Kala Trobe, writer of The Witch's advisor to lifestyles   

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The basic technique is this: All are holding hands in a circle, and the person who will be leading the spiral dance breaks with the person on their left or right, depending on which direction the spiral will be moving—deosil or widdershins. Generally it is thought best to always dance deosil (with the sun), as this encourages growth and life. In the Northern Hemisphere, this would be clockwise. In the Southern Hemisphere, deosil is anti-clockwise; therefore, the leader in the Southern Hemisphere would break off from the person on their right.

As the music builds and layers, so too does the rhythm in the body. We often find ourselves becoming more frenzied, our actions becoming more upright, elevating our body and hands towards the sky. And with this surge of adrenalin, which has been spiralling through the body looking for its exit point, it releases out. We hit that high point of ecstasy; we smile and simultaneously feel interconnected with everything around us. When you dance, do you become someone or something else, or do you remain completely yourself, if not enhanced?

Editor’s Note Readers may note that this book contains word spellings and phrasing unique to British English. These have been retained in order to honor the author’s individual voice and spirit. Acknowledgments Preface Introduction Part One Land 1: To Breathe 2: To Ground and Centre 3: To Love the Body 4: To Divine the Land 5: Ritual Part Two Sky 6: To Transcend and Expand 7: To Weave with Magick 8: To Fly in Spirit 9: To See Clearly 10: Ritual Part Three Sea 11: To Trance 12: To Journey and Vision 13: To Channel 14: To Die and Be Reborn 15: Ritual Conclusion Bibliography Acknowledgments Thank-you to Ana and Awen for reminding me to breathe.

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