Careers in Criminal Profiling by Janey Levy

By Janey Levy

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Those who find the scientific side of investigation most interesting may choose a career in forensic science. This gives 44 CAREERS FOR CRIMINAL PROFILERS them the chance to be involved in criminal investigations all the time. And in addition to occasionally being used to construct a profile, profiling skills may be useful in other aspects of their day-to-day work. People interested in criminology, psychology, or psychiatry may choose careers in these fields. Local police departments often ask such professionals to provide profiles in cases of violent crimes.

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Criminal justice The field dealing with the nature and causes of crime and how the police, courts, and prison system work. criminology The scientific study of crime as it results from and affects society, of criminals, and of the prison system. culture The beliefs, practices, and arts of a group of people. debate The organized discussion of a topic between two sides that follows certain rules. DNA Material inside a person's cells that determines the person's distinctive physical features. Except for identical twins, every person's DNA is different.

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