Celebrating Soul: Preparing for the New Religion (Studies in by Lawrence Jaffe

By Lawrence Jaffe

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Human consciousness appears to have a specific stimulating and invigorating effect upon the unconscious. The idea that God takes a personal interest in human beings with whom He maintains an ongoing dialogue is the essential contribution of the Jews to human history. This idea was taken up by Christianity and is coming to fruition now in the Psychological Dispensation, where the idea that something can change in the unconscious (God) as a result of attention being directed to it is the basis of depth psychotherapy.

12. 27 At the beginning of the Christian era, about 2,000 years ago, the vernal equinox entered the zodiacal house of Pisces (fish) and is now on the point of entering Aquarius (water bearer). This apparent movement of the sun is known to astronomy as the precession of the equinoxes: a slow westward shift of the equinoxes along the plane of the ecliptic resulting from the conical motion of the earth's axis of rotation. A complete cycle requires about 26,000 years, roughly 2,000 years for each of the twelve Zodiac signs.

References to the wounded inner child are scattered throughout the book. It is my hope that some of the commentaries will put us in touch with our wounded souls and provide meaning for our suffering. <><><><><><><><><><><><> Because of an unempathic early environment I was driven as a child to try to understand myselfnobody else seemed to. Because the outer world (represented by my family), misunderstood me I sought solace in its compensation, the inner world. In former times I might have become a rabbi but because neither temple nor church services moved me, I turned to psychology in an effort to understand myself, realizing only much later that the impulse to understand myself was a religious one.

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