Charles Lindberg (Biographies of the 20th Century) by Anne E. Schraff

By Anne E. Schraff

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The Lindberghs now lived in England. There, they felt cozy and safe. The English people were more reserved. They did not approach Lindbergh on the street as Americans had done. The press kept its distance as well. 32 Lindbergh Book 9/17/07 1:47 PM Page 33 Charles Lindbergh was then contacted by a United States Army official with a request. Germany, under Adolf Hitler, was rearming very quickly. Her military might was growing so much that other European countries and the United States were worried.

It did even more to restore Lindbergh’s reputation. In 1954 he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the book. Lindbergh’s plane, the Spirit of St. Louis 52 Lindbergh Book 9/17/07 1:47 PM Page 53 Also in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower approved the restoration of Lindbergh’s military status. Lindbergh was honored for his contribution to aviation and his great combat service in the South Pacific during World War II. He was made a Brigadier General in the United States Army. In the same year, he was awarded the Daniel Guggenheim Medal for contributions to the nation.

He complimented Lindbergh on the Zero he had gotten. In September 1944 Lindbergh flew over the Japanese held atolls of Taroa, Maloelap, and Wotje. He carried the heaviest bomb load ever put in a F4U. On September 13th, he dropped the bomb on Wotje Island, destroying a Japanese gun position. With the end of World War II in sight, Charles Lindbergh ended his combat missions. He headed home. During the time Lindbergh was flying, President Roosevelt never learned that he was fighting. After all, Lindbergh was the man he had deemed unfit to wear an American uniform.

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