Choosing a Map Projection by Miljenko Lapaine, E. Lynn Usery (eds.)

By Miljenko Lapaine, E. Lynn Usery (eds.)

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25. Usually much of the polar sections are cut off because distortion is extreme there, as well as to give the map a rectangular format. Map projections in the above classes may, of course, have some, none, or a combination of the various useful attributes. 1 Aspects of Projections One part of a smooth sphere is curved exactly like any other part even though there are lines on it displaying a graticule and it shows geographical features. H. Robinson and The Committee on Map Projections will produce maps that have exactly the same distortion pattern.

2 Non-symmetrically Interrupted Arrangements Non-symmetrical graticules differ in at least two ways from those of the symmetrical group: (1) the projection axes are chosen so as to pass through the middle of the main areas of interest; and (2) the widths of the map components are adjusted so as to provide continuity to these regions. Both adjustments are based on the purpose of the map and result in a loss of symmetry. The most widely used projections in this group have straight parallels, equally spaced curved meridians, and oval outlines.

2. The central meridian goes from top to bottom, and the equator becomes a horizontal straight line dividing the Earth neatly into northern and southern hemispheres. Eastern and western halves are separated by a straight central meridian. 2 The Earth Viewed from Different Directions Some stage sets are constructed on a large circular platform that can be rotated to present different views to the audience. ” For example, in Fig. 3, on an Eckert IV equal-area projection, we turn the Earth as it might be desired by an American, an African, or an Asian.

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