Citizens Gone Wild: Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Hype by George Zilbergeld

By George Zilbergeld

Electorate long past Wild is a realistic step by step advisor for a person drawn to pondering for themselves. during this step forward ebook, writer George Zilbergeld identifies, explains, and demonstrates twelve particular equipment of study that any one can use for serious pondering and choice making.

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What is the best way to slow down population growth? Using yourself as the case study, ask, • How many children did my grandparents have? • How many children do I want to have? • What are the differences that change this desire between my grandparents and myself? Is it rising income and education? Do you think these would have the same effect on others? Personal experience can make significant differences in how people relate to the world around them. A $5 bill looks a lot different to someone who has 45 46 Chapter Four lived in poverty all of her life and one who has a billionaire grandfather.

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