Collage, Paint, Draw: Explore Mixed Media Techniques and by Sue Pelletier

By Sue Pelletier

University, paint and draw to discover a brand new part of mixed-media paintings and burst off the crushed path!

Celebrate the daily trip of lifestyles as you create innovative mixed-media initiatives. In college, Paint Draw, you are going to use heart-felt photos as a kick off point to leap into the area of mixed-media paintings, fabrics and methods. utilizing symbols resembling the center, the house, a child's toy, and a classic costume, you'll learn how to test anything (everything!) new. You'll the best way to use instruments and fabrics in either conventional and inventive methods and to make artwork that comes from the heart.

Paint what you like & love what you paint!

More than 30 options together with drawing, portray, including texture and more
More than forty varied fabrics featured, from the typical (pencils, paint, gel and texture mediums) to the original (hardware shop tapes and texture additive for paint, wire, twine and more)
More than 30 mixed-media tasks with easy, significant motifs

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