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12 more have been deli\'ered to Fon Eustis, to the AI ALS (Army Transportation and Aviation Logistics School), where at Felker airfield 7G advanced training: devices help qualify 900 lIlaintcllance test pilots and other personnel e;lCh year. III addition Fort Rucker and its satellite fields have received 32 Apaches and ten Cobras equipped with P:JVS 10 handle lhe AQC. )0 LS gal external tanks, and flown by two company pilots over Arizona and California. )Opm after covcring 1,175 miles (1,89 IkIll).


Ll~th overall: t,til 1'01<>1' ! Hlft ~ill (l1,63m); hoth ml()r~ tnl'ning. 7hm). lleif{ln O\'t'rall: over fin. 1\';01' nil Ill,ti" 1'OIOr. ill 2,~Jin (4,G4:im). Fuselage "'idth 011 J"II:clk~. 7~1'\,t1). 'r-,ill'l;ltlc 'l>:tt'. :\~17 Ill). ~27 Ill). T '-;Kk. 03m). '. lm). /llain rot",. 1 I ",~). :hts. \ kg). +i2Ih (1,I,9Hkg). O::XCC\J! lcn::L mlss'on). 1,IOOIb (71Ikg): (I('ny. ll::>kg!. ( ;"O~'; wI,iB'h, (l'"i",,,I'X It ,i",ioll). ~~2k:oc): (It ,axinllllll. uOOIL:. 'J2(lk~). " Performance (primary mission gross weighl, in1t:nnediate rolled power), Vertical rale of climb, h (m)/min Maximum "'~IC of climb.

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