Concise Neurology by Alberto J. Espay MD MSc, José Biller MD FACP FAAN FAHA

By Alberto J. Espay MD MSc, José Biller MD FACP FAAN FAHA

Concise Neurology offers neurology content material in a logical series inside of every one of ten chapters. nearly each subject of curiosity to clinicians is roofed in a single or pages to facilitate effective evaluation of the middle ideas in prognosis and remedy for every syndrome or illness. the writer has maintained a thematic cohesion throughout comparable pages, which permits for random interpreting to be virtually as fruitful as sequential analyzing. for instance, a reader who opens the "anticoagulation" web page will discover a capsulized overview of the heparin, warfarin, and thrombolysis stroke trials and the facts assisting the present healing instructions. Flipping via neighboring pages will speedily refresh the location of the clinically correct thrombophilias when it comes to the coagulation pathway, symptoms for lifelong anticoagulation, explanations of hyperhomocysteinemia, and the naked bones of crucial etiologies of strokes within the young.
The ebook offers better point content material than the coed "In a web page" textual content, covers each one subject in additional intensity, and addresses concerns regarding pathophysiology and neuropathology of ailments. Concise Neurology can be a welcome source for busy practitioners, citizens, fellows, scientific scholars, and allied health and wellbeing care execs within the neurosciences who require a fast, readable review of a fancy subject.

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Concise Neurology

Concise Neurology offers neurology content material in a logical series inside each one of ten chapters. almost each subject of curiosity to clinicians is roofed in a single or pages to facilitate effective overview of the middle innovations in prognosis and therapy for every syndrome or sickness. the writer has maintained a thematic cohesion throughout similar pages, which permits for random examining to be nearly as fruitful as sequential analyzing.

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Kainate -quisqualate-A (AMPA) are cation-channel receptors permeable to Na+ and K+, typical of fast excitatory synapses, which mediate precise information (where, what, and when). They are located mainly in the forebrain and are the main source of EPSPs in the CNS (seizurogenic). AMPA receptors agonized by β-N-oxalyl aminoL-alanine (BOAA) can lead to lathyrism (spastic paraparesis caused by chronic chickpeas ingestion). The kainate r eceptors are localized in primary afferent C-fibers in the spinal cord.

Despite profound mental retardation, aggressiveness, and hyperactivity, there are r elatively mild or no somatic featur es other than hirsutism and synophrys. Deafness and seizures may occur. Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IV (Morquio Syndrome) Deficiency of α-N-acetyl-glucosamine-6-sulfatase causes visceral accumulation of keratan sulfate. Unlike other mucopolysaccharidoses, intelligence is preserved and short stature is caused by short-trunk dwarfism. The source of visual loss is cor neal clouding.

Catecholamine Deficiency Ptosis and miosis BP liability and postural hypotension Paroxysmal diaphoresis, salivation, and temperature instability Dopamine Deficiency (mostly from GCH-1 mutation or TH deficiency) Oculogyric crises Parkinsonism, dystonia, and tremor Axial hypotonia with limb hypertonia with paroxysmal dystonia (mostly in AADC) Other causes of oculogyric crisis (besides biopterin disorders) are postencephalitic parkinsonism, Japanese B encephalitis, Wilson’s disease, iatrogenic (phenothiazines, organophosphates, and antiepileptic drugs such as carbamazepine), Chediak-Higashi syndrome, putaminal hemorrhage, and pantothenate kinase-associated neurodegeneration.

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