Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method by Sol Luckman

By Sol Luckman

The inspiring tale of the advance of a progressive strength therapeutic approach, unsleeping therapeutic is an excellent synthesis of recent and historical therapeutic knowledge and crucial studying for someone attracted to replacement medication, awareness examine, quantum biology, or own enlightenment.

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This is a pivotal concept for anj'one interested in genuine, permanent healing. There are many reasons why T insist that our true bioenergy blueprint is based on the number 8. The one I offer now is of a visual nature. What do you get when you turn the number 8 on its side? An infinity sign. This is our infinite nature, our divine birthright expressed in a symbol. Perhaps you are familiar with the theosophical teachings of Bailey and Blavatsky or Tansley's writings on radionics. All three present a model of the human bioenergy template with only seven fields.

So I began eating them, timidly at first but with increasing gusto as it became obvious they were no longer overrunning me with Candida or causing unbearable bloating. If Potentiation had stopped there, we both knew we had been given an extraordinary gift. Nothing else had been able to restore my ability to enjoy the full range of foods. But Potentiation did not stop there. I began getting back greater and greater levels of vitality and was able to start exercising again. Within six months, I returned to swimming a mile without stopping.

Elucidation Triune Activation, the third and final phase of the Regenetics Method, is appropriate following Articulation as of the nine-month (42-week) mark of Potentiation. Elucidation stimulates a mostly dormant portion of the neocortex or triune brain, facilitating creation of a higher energy body. Elucidation also encourages transcendence by assisting the individual to replace limiting and/or harmful beliefs with life-affirming ones. This restructuring of the belief system, the most fundamental creational level of human subtle anatomy, can dramatically change one's experience of reality.

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