Countdown to the Apocalypse: Learn to Read the Signs That by Grant R. Jeffrey

By Grant R. Jeffrey

Daniel prophesied the increase of world govt on your destiny a few prophets had a glimpse of the long run, yet God gave just one prophet an actual calendar of the end-times occasions that might impact the present iteration. Writing greater than 2,500 years in the past, Daniel defined a chain of cataclysmic occasions and the symptoms that would precede the tip occasions. in keeping with prophecy specialist provide R. Jeffrey, a few of the indicators that Daniel pointed to are obvious in our global this present day. Daniel’s imaginative and prescient finds startling information about the id of the arrival Antichrist, his political occupation, his loss of life, and his Satanic resurrection. After finishing an exhaustive learn of Daniel’s prophecies, Dr. Jeffrey provides an in depth description of the Antichrist’s upward push as global dictator, the mark of the beast, and the political maneuvering that would set the degree for international executive. In gentle of the Hebrew calendar and the cycle of Jewish gala's, Dr. Jeffrey exposed detailed dates for significant apocalyptic occasions, together with a timeline for the Antichrist’s upward thrust to energy, the foremost occasions of the Tribulation, and the timing of the conflict of Armageddon. God allowed Daniel to work out the area we'll quickly dwell in as we technique the time for the go back of the Messiah. Now study precisely what Daniel knew.

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