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New to me beauty: Guerlain

This one tweet might have changed my life.

Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but how have I never heard of Guerlain? Thanks to the lovely @Beauty411, I headed straight to Sephora to find out more. The Météorites Perles is an adorable little tub of shimmery pearls that come in a few different colors – I purchased mine in Teint Rosé, the lightest – which is a light finishing powder. Not high-school-shimmery at all. Let’s be honest, we’re too old for all that glitter. GuerlainMeteorites

What I found when I visited Sephora was a “Precious Lights Radiance Essentials Kit” which included a decent-sized sample of the Météorites Perles (pictured above), along with the Météorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer and Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator. Now I got to try three Guerlain products for less than the price of one full-sized Météorites Perles. Win.

The other kicker to this story is that I ended up loving the primer and the illuminator even more than the powder!


Guerlain Illuminator









PRIMER (left): The little pink pearls diffuse into a creamy primer that keeps my foundation on all day and adds a layer of light underneath. I absolutely love it.

ILLUMINATOR (right): The Illuminator has a soft brush to apply the light formula. It takes just a few clicks to awaken your under eye area and any other spots which could use a little brightening up. I’d been looking for a product like this and I might have found my next obsession.

Overall, Guerlain is a definitely a luxurious cosmetic and skin care line. No details spared in the packaging and it makes you feel a special kind of pretty when you put it on in the morning. Next, I cannot wait to try some of their amazing lipstick.

Have you tried Guerlain? What’s your favorite product?